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June 10 - 16, 2024

The author’s program Devi Dance Journey is a sacred ritual and prayer to the feminine through a dance. The practice of discovering femininity through certain dance movements contributes to self-fulfillment and self-healing. You will be able to reconnect with the natural feminine, discover new facets of beauty and grace.

   Registration for Devi Dance training in a group or in individual trainings is open. The program includes theory, practice, meditation and a unique music playlist. After the course, you will receive a certificate, you will be able to transfer knowledge and lead women’s sacred circles.
You can work on technical dances, choreography, like dance coaching and classical Indian temple dance.



Many behavioral patterns that originated during our childhood still govern our lives from the realm of the unconscious. During inner child healing sessions, the adult meets their younger self. The inner child resides within each of us and continues to call out for help. Through meditation on a subtle level, you’ll be able to sense and understand the roots of adult problems that have their origins in your childhood.

You’ll come to realize which internal processes influence your behavior, why defense mechanisms are triggered, and how they manifest in life – in the form of neuroses, irrational actions, self-destructive tendencies, and recurring issues. During the sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to express suppressed emotions, where childhood pain, fear, anger, or rage may be concealed.

After the sessions, you’ll truly feel like a free individual, living in harmony with the world and with yourself.