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From early childhood, I felt that my life would be connected with dance. When I first came to India, I realized that it was through Indian classical dance that I could most fully and harmoniously convey my energy and open my inner world.

I realized that the discovery of feelings, emotions and the transformation of personality through the body is psychology. Philosophical understanding of dance therapy, discovery of femininity and flowering through dance.


I danced from an early age, and already during my studies I received small funds for my creativity. Later, I chose dance as an occupation for the soul, and not a profession. Entered the Faculty of Psychology. In 2004 she received a degree in pedagogy and practice in the field of psychology in the city of Shymkent (Kazakhstan). At the same time, I combined the improvement in dance with my main studies.

Premal Madina laughing with Svarup tantra deconditioning


Until 2004, I danced at the Indian Cultural Center under the guidance of Primova Minatai Kenesovna, and in my last year of study (2004), I received a grant from the Ministry of Culture of India and went to New Delhi to study the Indian classical dance Odissi. It was there that I began to find myself and realize my path and purpose.

Following my heart, I devoted 7 years to studying Indian classical dance at the Odissi Academy in Delhi. My dancing growth was under the guidance of Guru Kavit Dvibedi. Also, I devoted 4 years to the study of Kathak at the Kathak School in Delhi, under the guidance of Guru Shovan Narayan and Guru Tirah Azhmani. I studied with outstanding virtuoso dancers. They paved the way for Indian classical dances, enriched my understanding and expanded my possibilities, filling me with the energy of life, plasticity and movement.

During the same period of her life (2007), she received invaluable knowledge in Yoga. Together with my teachers, I took part in international festivals and concerts in many cities of India. With every move I make, I share my love for Indian music and dance.

I completely changed my worldview and attitude to life, dance, to myself. I began to understand the philosophy of Indian classical dance and felt a tremendous influence on my personality. Low bow and admiration to my teachers and mentors.

Based on my experience of working with the body and energy through dance, therapy and meditation, I opened a group of classes for women “Devi Dance”

 Following my heart, I spent 7 years studying dance, yoga and osho meditation therapies in India. She completed the “Twice Born 10 Sessions of Childhood Deconditioning” course and continues her studies in the “Healing the Inner Teenager Training” course with Satyam Swarup, enriching her path with a deeper understanding of life’s wisdom, experience and knowledge.

Qualified Therapists


My acquaintance with the shamanic world began in childhood. For the first time, my mother brought me to the shaman. The healer stood behind me and performed the kimchi lash ritual. I closed my eyes and went on a shamanic journey with vivid visions. The conscious decision to follow the shamanic path came after a strong personal shock. I was very upset by the pain of losing my mother and turned to a shaman from Lithuania, Petras, for help. He performed a fire ritual that helped me reconnect with the spirits of my ancestors, find peace and healing. At the school of Scandinavian shaman teachers, I underwent more intensive training. Northern energies helped me to plunge into deep trance states and learn about the ancient culture of shamanism.

My life support is unity with nature, inspiration by the energy of Mother Earth and the realization of plans through unconditional love. I practice dance, psychology, Osho meditation, study the ancient traditions of shamanism and share sacred knowledge with other women! I perform, give master classes and groups for women in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, India and Kazakhstan!