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 DEVI DANCE Training

June 10-16, 2024

Riga, Latvia


As soon as you start believing in yourself, you reveal this divine power and wisdom in yourself, which means you become a Creator.


It establishes contact with nature, our roots, guides, ancestors and family.


A transformative, meditative and healing journey for women.



Releases from childhood trauma and reconnect with the child in you, learning again to listen to its needs and longings.


Who I am and where I’m going – my mission is to share experience and wisdom with women. Being a mother and wife is the greatest experience for me, it opened awareness of my nature and understanding of Divine unconditional love.


I am sure that we ourselves are the creators of our own happiness and I can open this path for you. Believe, create and inspire others!

A new experience that gave me the opportunity to look at life from a different perspective.
The shamanic journey is powerful and has a satisfying outcome.
Would come back again and again.

Nika Linde, LV

I sincerely thank you Madina for existing, and I am grateful to the Universe for meeting you. You open Hearts. You carefully carry out your work with the ancestors . You feel every woman very subtly and sensitively. Your Dance and Voice fascinates and reveals in me my Strength and Creativity and Wisdom. You inspire me and an example for me, as a Woman and as a Master.

Alena Kali, LV

I have been studying with Premal Madina for many years.
Her classes are a breath of fresh air for those women who do not want to live in stress .
Very thoughtful techniques for removing clamps and liberating the “inner woman”
Creative, soft feminine principle. And of course Dance and Voice, as a manifestation of individuality!
Thankful for this Gift in my life!

Diana S, LV