May 19 - July 14, 2020
Indian Temple Dance Odissi Intensive Online training with Premal Madina

Indian Classical dance Odissi is regarded as one of the oldest surviving dance forms of India. It has originated from Orissa and its history can be traced back to the 2nd century BC. The dance form has been extensively depicted in the sculptures of Bhubaneswar temple and Sun Temple of Konark.

The dance was traditionally practiced as a sacred ritual to ignite transformation in the dancer and audience. Considered both a classical and devotional dance form, Odissi is graceful and sensuous, expressive and sophisticated. The Dance exquisitely portrays the beauty of the sacred feminine and reflects the ancient spiritual motifs of India’s great Tantric temples.

This 2-month intensive includes:

- 180 days of access to the recorded Indian Temple Dance course  
-  2 months, 18 online classes with Premal Madina

About the Teacher: 

Premal Madina ( is a dancer and choreographer. She performs and teaches Indian Classical Dance Odissi and Kathak and gives workshops for women in Europe and Asia. Premal Madina has spent 7 years studying Indian Classical Dance in the Academy of Odissi in Delhi under the guidance of Smt. Kavita Dwibedi ( and Kathak at Asavari Institute for Kathak under the guidance of Padmashri Shovana Narayan ( . At the very same period of her life (2007) she was initiated in the invaluable wisdom of Yoga and Naturopathy. Through her long time experience, she has created an online training course "Indian Temple dance Odissi".

This course is for everyone who wants to learn the basics of Indian classical dance, for beginners, middle and senior groups.
For body

This course consists of 81 video lessons. The program is made in a way that everyone who wants can assimilate the basis of Indian classical dance. During the time of training, You will assimilate the basic positions and poses of Odissi. Learn to do special exercises with yoga elements that strengthen the muscles of legs, arms, back, and forms the silhouette of the body. In the process of training, all muscles of the body will be in action. Indian dance gives an opportunity to hold the body in tone and strengthen the blood system. Muscles of the face start to work and it is good gymnastics for face and prophylaxis of wrinkles.

For soul

There are exercises in the course which are suitable for maintaining physical health and also support the harmony with the world and oneself. It reveals the depth of awareness. Odissi dance is an ancient sacral practice and a way of getting to know the spiritual world. This dance helps to balance the beginning of masculine and feminine, fills the body with beneficial energy. Through steps, mudras and gratitude, the unity with vibrations of Mother Earth takes place. Indian dance teaches to discover emotions, to deliver mood and harmonize space around. Thanks to regular practice and discipline You can gain peace, inspiration and love.

When: May 19 -  July 14, every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm CET (please check your timezone: )

Cost: Eur 299 includes HD recorded 81 video tutorials (on and 18 online classes (with Questions and Answers) with Premal Madina (ZOOM Meetings)

After payment is completed you will receive the training course link.


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